Dreamtown Feature Film

DreamTown is a documentary about the precarious dream of a young Afro-Ecuadorian soccer player, Anibal Chala, as he strives to make it to the professional leagues, and eventually sees his dreams become reality. This coming-of-age story follows Anibal over the span of six years, from the youth minor leagues until he secures a place on Ecuador’s First Division team, ranking among the country’s top 10 players at the young age of 17.

Dreamtown offers families, lovers of international films and soccer enthusiasts a...
Universal Story. DreamTown is a film that resonates with audiences of diverse ethnicities and ages because it is a universal story of the underdog looking to defy the odds to make his dream a reality.

Story of ‘Other’ Timely and relevant. It elevates the story of “the other” within the context of marginalized communities divided by race, which intersects with the ongoing struggles of minorities in the United States.

Family Values. The film is an aspirational story that celebrates self empowerment, discipline and family values.

Targeted Soccer Content for Growing Demand. Appeals to for a growing demand of soccer-related content with growth of sport’s popularity in the country.

Targeted Content for under-served Hispanic Community. Offers Spanish-speaking audiences a story that is relatable in their communities, which connects them to their cultural roots.

Dreamtown International Soccer Film

Dreamtown's Baller Package

Dreamtown's Baller Package includes:

• Dreamtown's Feature Length film 70 min.
• Dreamtown's short- 27 minute version
• Interviews from three World Cup Players Agustin Delgado, Ulises De La Cruz and Edwin Tenorio on race and identity in Ecuador.
• .Three Deleted scenes of Anibal, our protagonist getting injured, Carlos, our semi-professional player getting a pep talk from World Cup Star Ulises De La Cruz, and Anibal talking about girls to his sister Carmen.
• Dreamtown Production Still Slideshow

Dreamtown DVD

Prefer a physical copy of the movie? The Dreamtown DVD includes the full film, deleted scenes, bonus footage + a digital copy of the film. Includes domestic shipping.


Dreamtown's education package is a bridge between the film world and academia. This package includes a public Performance Rights Licence:

• Dreamtown's Feature-Length film 70 min.
• Dreamtown's short version great to show in class 27 min.
• Dreamtown's Never-before-scened Scenes, not included in final cut version of film, including exclusive interviews from three Ecuadorian World Cup Players, Edwin Tenorio, Ulises De La Cruz and Agustin Delgado and Ecuadorians sharing their views of race and identity.
• Deleted Scenes of Anibal, our main protagonist being injured, Carlos getting a pep talk from World Cup Player, Ulises De La Cruz, and Anibal talking about girls with his sister.
• Production stills slideshow

A PPR license allows you to…
• Make the film available to students, staff and faculty members for the purposes of research, education, and any other non-commercial use.
• Hold a private, non-theatrical screening
NB. This license does not allow you to charge admission, or to sublicense, digitize or duplicate the film in any way

Please note if you would prefer to receive a DVD copy of the film, there is an additional postage fee of $25.